Ethical standards

Ethics norms and practice

Acta Bioethica compromises with academic community and publishes only studies that fulfill the highest quality standards. It is for this reason that it is expected that all persons who participate publishing follow ethical norms and behavior here mentioned.


1. They are responsible for everything published in the journal.

2. The must maintain confidentiality about documents received.

3. They must evaluate documents in an objective way.

4. They must detect and correct errors in documents received.

5. They must remind reviewers that their work is impartial.

6. They must do all efforts so that the publication fulfills the highest quality standards.


1. They must submit original documents with a high academic relevance.

2. The studies submitted must contain all respective citations. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

3. They must notify editors of any error found in their studies.

4. They must notify editors whether they have received help from some benefactor to carry out their studies.

5. They are responsible for all the content of their documents.


1. They must maintain confidentiality about their work.

2. They must evaluate in an objective way the documents submitted.

3. They must notify editors about any problem found in the documents submitted.